Issues of digital stewardship and programmatic assessment guide my administrative experiences, all  centering around the theme of participatory design.  I am interested in working with stakeholders to reveal how systems function and improve them. As I note below, this has meant reaching out to decision makers in order to ensure that projects can maintain a steady trajectory toward completion. While the projects below highlight the amount of collaborative work that is necessary to implement such work, there is also an important level of independent follow-through that is necessary to carry out administrative  undertakings. The final products that arise from these projects each result from the combination of the collaborative engagement of many individuals and institutional entities as well as my own motivation to leave behind better structures that communicate information and teach our students.

Purdue OWL Webmaster

In this current position, I am responsible for various aspects of the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue– a digital resource that receives 248 million hits per year from over 125 countries. Primarily, I assisting in the development of educational technology goals, pedagogy, and resources; work with various departments to maintain, backup, and upgrade our OWL servers, site, and web software; and Collaborate with the OWL Coordinator, Writing Lab administration, and other programs on ongoing projects, such as research and engagement. This position has involved learning and applying programming languages such as HMTL, CSS, and Javascript.

Professional Writing Program Assessment

In this current and ongoing project, the director and assistant director of the professional writing program and I are undertaking assessing the core and service courses of the program. Primarily, as part of this research team, we are curious about how students express their satisfaction with their courses as well as which elements in these types of courses might be streamlined to become less repetitive.  Specifically, for this project,  I have been responsible for drafting survey questions, creating the protocol through Qualtrics and completing IRB documentation to push this project beyond the pilot testing phase.

Animal Sciences/WAC Assessment

For the previous 10 years, the Animal Sciences department has embedded a WAC component into its Genetic Breeding course in which students apply course material into the production of workplace and academic genres such as memos, letters, and reports. Over the various years of this collaboration, WAC coordinators (mostly students in the rhetoric and composition program) have changed the WAC curricula while maintaining the same rigor and objectives of this partnership. Given these changes, I undertook an assessment project to answer research questions about the WAC assignments and lectures such as


  1. do the genres that we teach to Animal Sciences students match up with the genres that they will be asked to compose in their future positions and
  2. what writing skills are most helpful for Animal Sciences students to learn before they graduate? In this way, we would be better able move beyond guesswork in modifying the curriculum.

To obtain data on these questions, an IRB-approved research study was implemented. Recent Animal Sciences graduates who had taken the Animal Genetics/ WAC course and employers of Animal Sciences graduates were contacted and asked to fill out a survey on workplace genres and writing proficiency. These results were presented to the Genetic Breeding instructor and current WAC coordinators to help guide their curricular changes to the partnership.


My initial report to the Animal Sciences department can be found here.

Saint Mary’s Writing Center Webmaster

As the steward for the Writing Center’s website at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, I worked with various departments and decision-makers in order to retool our digital space. This involved meeting with the IT department on campus to discuss issues of propriety (whether to become part of the larger Saint Mary’s CMS or function as a standalone site) and implementation. I was also responsible for explaining issues of design and teaching writing center stakeholders about how programming languages functioned. Additionally, with the director of the writing center, I conducted user-testing protocols and interviews with students to test iterative versions of the site. Although features have been added to the site since my departure, the original basic design continues to be utilized by the writing center.


Click here to see a before/after comparison, highlighting the design changes made. Note that the archived site from will open in this window and the current live site will open in a new tab.